New Projects Are Fun

Just in time for WWDC and iOS 12, I've started a new iOS project that I'm pretty excited about. Haven't quite gotten there on a name yet, but it's an iOS app that lets you design and custom Wallet Passes. I've got an MVP working and I'll be playing around with UX/UI during sessions at Dub Dub, so if you are curious let me know and I'll be happy to let you know how it's going!

Pass Maker Interface Compiled Pass

This was inspired by some frustration when I got a ticket to a WWDC party that only included a PDF with a QR code and no option to save it to my Wallet. I was able to hack together a pretty nicely designed pass, complete with the logo of the company hosting the party, using their colors and such. I decided to keep the work going and designed a UI to create new passes right on your phone, generate the passes on a server, and send the new pass back to the phone. I was able to get everything completed right in time for this trip so I'd have some work to do in downtime in San Jose.

I'm not entirely sure if this will ever actually launch, partially I don't really see any comparable apps when searching on the App Store, which makes me wonder if this is even allowed by Apple, but I'll keep working on it for now and deal with the realities of a release later! For now it's always fun to have a project to work on.

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