Twitter Is Breaking Third Party Functionality Again

Apps of a Feather

I kinda can’t believe they’re doing this again, but Twitter is making more API changes that break functionality in third party apps, without providing any replacements. This is not the first time, and it likely won’t be the last.

That being said, I’m lucky enough that I won’t be terribly impacted by this. My Tweets don’t start as Tweets. My content is hosted here, on my website, that I control. I write two types of posts, titled posts that go onto the main page and the archive, and untitled posts under 280 characters that are destined to be shared on other services.

First choice? Micro.Blog. Once a post has gone on there they handle cross posting to Twitter. That may be where I consume a bunch of content, but I firmly believe that people who really care about their online presence should take steps to control it, and Micro.Blog offers great services to do just that. Ever since I heard about the project I have been very excited about the philosophy behind it, and the past couple years of putting this into practice has completely changed my comfort level with my online presence. It’s seriously better over here folks.


Looks like Twitter is delaying the API cutoff until developers have had access to a beta for 90 days. Great news. But these back and forth from a company, which at the end of the day you can’t fight effectively except hoping that they’ll listen to massive backlash, are exactly why you should be taking control of your content.

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